OCI Awning & Roofing Sealant for interior and exterior applications containers, roofs, external walling, window and door caulking


Awning & Roofing

Awning & Roofing

OCI® Awning & Roofing Sealant is a one part sealant for interior and exterior applications. It is easy to apply and will seal various surfaces even without the use of primer. It is specially formulated for sealing joints where only small amount of movement occurs. It is ideal for use on containers, roofs, external walling, window and door caulking, etc. It exhibits excellent to metal, wood, glass, zinc, slate, ceramic and etc. Colours are available in grey, white and black.


Products Type Colors Packaging Shelf Life
Awning & Roofing Synthetic White, Black, Grey 400 ml / cartridge 12 months from
the date of manufacture
Products Type Packaging
Awning & Roofing Synthetic 400 ml /
White, black, grey
Self Life
12 months from
the date manufacture


» Glass & window construction
» Double glazing
» Door Frames
» Gutters
» Roofing
» Vent
» Aquarium
» Households applications
» Air-conditioning
» Shower screens
» Sanitary ceramics
» Bedding of marine hardware

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