Orgasil 103

Orgasil 103 80% acetic silicone sealant is a high performance anti-fungus sealant suitable for sealing, bonding, repairing and mending of glass and window construction, double glazing in windows, aquariums, shower screens and sanitary ceramics. It is also suitable for automobile and container sealing repair. Orgasil 103 exhibits an excellent adhesion to glass, tiles, ceramics, fiberglass, aluminum, non-oily woods, painted surfaces, plastics and other non-porous surfaces.


Products Type Colors Packaging Shelf Life
Orgasil 103 Silicone Acetic Clear, White, Black 300 ml / cartridge 12 months from the date of manufacture
Products Type Packaging
Orgasil 103 Silicone
300 ml / cartridge
Clear, White, Black
Self Life
12 months from
the date manufacture
OCI Sealant Orgasil 103 O103 - silicon sealant anti jamur - daya rekat luar biasa pada kaca, aquarium, ubin, keramik, fiberglass, aluminium, permukaan yang dicat, plastik, dan permukaan non-berpori lainnya.


» Glass & window construction
» Double glazing
» Door Frames
» Gutters
» Roofing
» Vent
» Aquarium
» Households applications
» Air-conditioning
» Shower screens
» Sanitary ceramics
» Bedding of marine hardware

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