Started from a humble beginning in Malaysia, to manufacture adhesive for shoes in 1982, Orgavyl Chemical Industries Sdn Bhd (OCI) has grown and built a solid reputation as a leading manufacturer of a wide range adhesives and sealants covering various consumer and industrial purposes.

OCI has consistently raised the bar and won consumer’s trust by delivering quality products and services. Its products are presently exported to 12 countries.

In 2017 Impack Group took over OCI brand, and built its manufacturing facilities to Indonesia.

The new OCI operates under a new umbrella – PT. OCI Material Pratama. Its new manufacturing facility is state of the art, equipped with advance technologies, experienced and professional personnel, to ensure only quality products will reach its customers.

OCI is continually working towards improving and expanding its presence, product range, and services globally.

The brand has always been synonymous with the secure and strong quality adhesion and bonding, the bond that is built to last.

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