OCI Sealant Acryfil 788 - Acrylic Sealant untuk lem akrilik sealant lem untuk tembok


Acryfil 788

Acryfil 788 Acrylic Sealant is a one part, paintable, high performance plastic-elastic sealant based on an acrylic resin dispersion. Ideal for sealing cracks in concrete, plasters, bricks, wood and other indoor sealing applications. It is odourless and does not corrode metals.


Products Type Colors Packaging Shelf Life
Acryfil 788 Acrylic White and Brown 450 ml / cartridge 12 months from
the date of manufacture
Products Type Packaging
Acryfil 788 Acrylic 450 ml /
White and Brown
Self Life
12 months from
the date manufacture
lem akrilik oci acryfil 788 lem tembok batu bata beton


» Glass & window construction
» Double glazing
» Door Frames
» Gutters
» Roofing
» Vent
» Aquarium
» Households applications
» Air-conditioning
» Shower screens
» Sanitary ceramics
» Bedding of marine hardware

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